Development Plan

Arexpo S.p.A. has launched a restricted tendering, pursuant to art. 61 of Legislative Decree no. 50/2016, in order to award the design, development and management of a project concerning the "Urban Regeneration" of the area in which took place the Universal Exposition “Expo Milano 2015”.

With such tender Arexpo S.p.A. aims to achieve, in Milan, one of the most developed infrastructure and accessible urban areas in southern Europe, called "MIND Milano Innovation District", starting from the assumption that the experience of 2015 Universal Exposition shall be a symbolic occasion for an entire integrated and unified redesign of a strategic area.

Starting from an analysis of the context, from the enhancement of the Universal Exposition heritage and from the optimization of co-existence with the phase of the transitory management of the exhibition site, the development project shall be able to set up a unitary scenario of transformation and upgrading of the Area that represents a new urban centrality, in a wider spatial context; the definition of the different uses, integrated in an environment that looks at the future, rich in technology, culture and landscape, shall be able to ensure tangible positive impact on the area and the economic sustainability of the Business Plan of Arexpo S.p.A..

Arexpo S.p.A., in particular, aims to select an economic operator to award a mixed procurement concerning services/concession, divided into two different phases involving:

Stage 1) a procurement of services concerning technical, economic and financial advisory in support of Arexpo S.p.A. in order to concept and elaborate the Masterplan with specific reference to the "Urban Regeneration" of the entire ex-Expo Milano 2015 Area (around 1,000,000 square meters), as well as to design and elaborate the Business Plan of the overall development of the ex-Expo Milano 2015 Area;

Stage 2) a concession for the management of the Area, that include the granting of a surface rights of a period of maximum 99 (ninetynine) years, on the ex-Expo Milano 2015 Area (excluding the portion of the above mentioned Area reserved to Arexpo S.p.A.) of no. 250,000 square meters Gross Floor Area (SLP); following the awarding, Arexpo S.p.A. reserves the right to extend such SLP up to 480,000 square meters.

The tender will be awarded to the most economically advantageous bid, pursuant to Art. 95 of Legislative Decree no. 50/2016.

Deadline to submit the application: by 12,00 a.m. (Italian time) of February 28, 2017.

Deadline to submit request for clarification: by 12,00 a.m. (Italian time) of February 06, 2017.

Please note that Italian is the sole official language of this tender notice. The tender documents are provided in Italian and bidders have to submit their application in this language. 

The full text of the call for tender can be read and downloaded (together with its descriptive document and its annexes) on this page

Arexpo have decided to organise visits of the whole area, whose details are published on this page.