Arexpo's innovation district

An innovation, culture and research based identity with international focus

The Arexpo area will be transformed into MIND Milano Innovation District, a science, knowledge and innovation district with the aim of creating a place open to the world that can promote territorial excellences, add value to the investments already sustained and to the Expo legacy. Our innovation district will be a hub for excellence in the fields of Life Sciences / Healthcare, Biotech / Pharma, Agri-food / Nutrition and Data Science / Big Data. A science and technology district with outstanding architectural features, able to attract investment and generate economic benefits throughout the country with scientific, recreational, cultural, sports, residential, productive and tertiary functions.

Human Technopole

Human Technopole is the new Italian research center that will be an attractive hub for national and international talents at European and global level for biomedical research, genomics and for the future of medical science. HT plans to host approximately 1,500 researchers, starting from December 2017.

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UniMi scientific departments Campus

The University of Milan is planning to move into the area its scientific departments that host more than 18,000 students. The goal is to create a modern campus, according to the most advanced international formats (teaching, research and facilities) and dedicated infrastructures (sports facilities and auditorium). 

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Treatment and Research Healthcare center

We’re planning the transfer and upgrading of an IRCCS healthcare center (Istituto di Ricovero e Cura a Carattere Scientifico-Institute for Treatment and Research).

Cascina Triulza

Social Innovation Lab – Hub
A place of work and interaction which fosters collaboration and the circular relation between scientific-technological research and civil society associations. 
The Cascina Triulza Social Innovation Lab Hub was promoted by Fondazione Triulza and its founder network after the end of Expo Milano. The goal is to mark out the future Arexpo’s science, knowledge and Innovation park with the values, the companies and the planning skills of the Third Sector and the Civil Economy.


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