Approved the Integrated Action Plan of MIND Milan Innovation District


The Municipality of Milan approved the integrated intervention plan for MIND Milano Innovation District project, the area used for the Universal exhibition in 2015 by Arexpo Spa.
The Plan will lead to the establishment of three major functions, public mainly north of the Decumano: the new hospital IRCCS Galeazzi, the research center for the life sciences Human Technopole and the Campus of the State University. All this will develop into a large theme park Science and Technology of 650 thousand square meters, more than half of the entire surface area.

In addition to the three major public functions, which will settle on 317,000 square meters of gross floor area, the GFA Plan allocates 90,000 square meters at the residential facility, 15,000 square meters to the hospitality, 30,250 square meters production, 305,000 square meters to the tertiary and directional, 35,000 square meters shopping with neighborhood businesses and medium-sized retail outlets. The subject actuator is also committed to achieving a share of no less than 30,000 square meters of social housing, even in the form of a university residence.

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