Il modello

The public-private partnership that was missing

At Arexpo we believe in an alliance between institutions and private operators for the future of places. With our commitment we offer a unique experience to simplify the dialogue between local authorities and developers to activate the transformation of strategic public areas.

Administration and developers. We speak the language of both worlds.

We act as facilitators, mediators and guarantors to create collaborations for common advantage. We offer the guidance and expertise functions lacking in a complex field, such as the urban development one.

The growth of MIND, a crucial project in terms of importance and size, is great proof of the effectiveness of our model.

Our model

Towards the institutions

Giving an identity, creating value

The strength of a place starts with a vision. Wherever we intervene, we offer administrators our ability to interpret the area, by identifying its vocation and facilitating connections between all the players involved. We create shared projects uniting the perspectives of the different realities in a strong and coherent identity.

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Towards the institutions
International network

In contact with excellence

We count on a global network of relationships, also built on the legacy of Expo Milano 2015. We treasure virtuous experiences in Italy and abroad. For local welfare, we turn to the best energies on the international market.

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Towards the institutions
Care for places

Anticipating the life of an area

With our work we want to create lively places, designed with flexibility so that they can thrive in time with a contemporary idea of development. We are committed to farsighted, environmentally conscious projects with a strong focus on urban quality and sustainability.

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Towards private operators

The certainty of defined times

The entities collaborating with Arexpo receive a credible reference point, because of its being a direct expression of the institutions, which in itself a guarantee of being on a safe path. We offer skilful support, which reduces business risks. Before building places, we build trust in the national economic system.

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Towards private operators

Competences, effectiveness, rapidity

We appreciate just how valuable time is for administrators and investors alike. Our capacity for dialogue with the public authorities enables us to provide incisive and innovative solutions to the challenges of regeneration. As mediators, we examine and provide guidance along the path of transforming a project into concrete results.

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Towards private operators

For the benefit of the investors and the community

We promote medium and long-term interventions. The prospect of involvement over the years increases the economic viability of an operation and translates into places which maintain and generate value over time.

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Economy, society, environment. For a lasting positive impact.

By its mission, our company is an instrument for the community. The Arexpo model aims at the most important vision: fostering the emergence of attractive places, which create communities and bring benefits to the area — whether in terms of new capital, work, culture, sociability or nature.

Involving the players in the management: a strategic function

This is why we employ a long-term perspective. Our idea of partnership is based on an enduring relationship with the developers: a strategic involvement, a guarantee of creating spaces with an eye to the future, managed with the intention of keeping them dynamic, productive, and alive.


The 99-year concession

For the MIND project, Arexpo was the first to propose a 99-year concession area in Italy.

This strategic regulatory innovation, designed to facilitate private investment in a major project, is one of the successes of our mediation work with the public administration.

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